Mottled (Souvenir) 斑驳 (纪念品)
Digital prints, Photobook, 2019
在天空岛一个远离人烟的沙滩上我无意发现了这些伤痕累累的岩石。 来去的海浪、砂石和海鸥纷纷在此留下痕迹,  磨痕,藤壶,青苔和鸟粪日积月累,似是有位慢性子的画家每天一笔一划细水漫流地画在这不动的画布上。瑕疵倒也绘成画。(我无法携其同行,也不能停下欣赏它日后变化,以此作纪念品。)


I found these rocks covered in blemishes on an elusive beach in Skye. The waves, sand and seagulls leave their traces, the cracks , barnacles, mosses and faeces accumulates, as if the strokes and marks made over time by a patient painter on these still canvases. The blemishes somehow form paintings on their own. (I can’t bring it with me , and I can’t stay to appreciate it grow, this will serves a souvenir.)

These rocks , while being worn down, are also being replenished with new marks.  The cuts being polished, the blemishes forming patterns, with time, these scars will age into meaningful birthmarks.